Design Tips for a Welcoming Bathroom

Have you noticed that when you walk into your bathroom, it seems impersonal and cold instead of warm and cozy? Your bathroom should be a welcoming place that invites you in to relax and take care of your daily hygiene routine and other tasks, but many bathrooms are designed simply to be a space to, well, use the bathroom.

Want to take things to the next step? Let’s get into some design tips you can use to make your bathroom welcoming and cozy.

Stone Tile

Stone tile is one of the best design ideas for a bathroom space, as it looks good and gives the bathroom a spa-like aesthetic. Stone looks gorgeous and has a satisfying texture – not to mention stone tile is a functional option for the home bathroom. Even if you choose not to have every surface covered in stone, the flooring or ceiling can benefit immensely.


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Modern bathroom remodelers in charlotte, nc highly recommend adding textured elements to your bathroom, as this is one thing that homeowners often do not consider. Textures can make the room more inviting in a simple way, such as bringing in woven textures to break up the sleekness of modern bathrooms. Tactile elements like aged metal finishes enhance your color palette and make the room more unique and personal.


Colors have a lot to do with the feeling of a room, and many people have heard that warm colors are typically yellows while cool colors are typically blues or greens. However, don’t feel pressured into choosing a specific color – you can make cool or warm colors look great in your bathroom with some simple planning.

Using these design tips, you’ll be able to turn your bathroom into one of the coziest places in the home.